Here comes the Smokies

Hope all is well everyone. Been a good past few days with some good ups and downs and some great views. Cheoah Bald after the Nantahala Outdoor Center was just amazing. Service isn’t good so I can’t post a pic.

We made to Fontana Dam today just before the approach to the Smokies and resupplied at the resort here. Pretty nice place for a few days vacation in the woods. We’re considering on staying here but i think the consensus is to move quickly. These days I’m traveling with Mis-Match and Johnny B Good. We have a plan to get through the Smokies in 5 days or so. My pack has never been heavier but I think we have a good plan and provisions to go with. I was smart and got some electrolyte mixes to go with. The Smokies are one of the hardest parts of the AT. I believe rated an 8. And in comparison Georgia is rated a 4.

Afterwards we are taking a few days off with some of my family in Tennessee so that big push will be worth it. Looking forward to a climate controlled room and maybe some home cooking!

In TN I’ll have to get some new boots. My feet are becoming cut up from the ones I have. We’ll see how things are after the Smokies. I’ve been bandaging my feet for now but there’s now way I’m going into the Smokies trying to wear in new shoes. Wish me luck.

Happy Trails