Down but not out

Hi there. Been a since I lasted posted, right? It’s because I lost my phone. When I got into Hot Springs, I met up with some folks and we went tubing down a river. I took my phone because I thought it would be great picture opportunities with the waterproof case and dropped it when I got out – in the water of course. They need to make a tether for this thing. Lesson learned, don’t bring your phone with you on those types of adventures. Everything leading up into Hot Springs though, was just awesome. I cowboy camped(Sleeping Bag only) on Mack’s(Max) Patch Bald and saw the most terrific sunset of my life. Of course, I had pictures but lost them. All of them. But in the end, they’re just pictures and i’ll have my memories.

I’m sitting now in the Hot Springs, NC library whipping up this post to let everyone know, I’m doing OK. My spirits are down because I’d like to get back on trail but it’ll be at least another two days before then. The weather has just been perfect too but at this point there’s nothing I can do except for wait for my phone and continue on. In retrospect, it slowed me down to appreciate what is here. I’m seeing trail folk I started out with and meeting new ones at the same time. As the title, down but not out.

It’s unfortunate, I’m bummed but the trail will be there, help me clear my head and get into a better place. I’d like to move forward but as we know, the phone is important for emergencies and I have to be patient. I did stay at a nice old hotel here for two nights. It was recommended by a former thru-hiker I met on trail. I’m glad I did but it’s a little expensive so I have to relocate to a campsite nearby. There’s a good crowd here too so I’m not worried.

Here are some cool things that happened since my last post:
-Finished the Smokies in two days and came to a good mental place, a very good one
-Being able to put in some bigger miles. I had a nice 20 miler and 17 miler recently
-Saw some hikers I started out with. haven’t seen them in nearly a month
-I’ve showered- multiple times in a day 🙂
– Met some other new hikers
-The weather has been wonderful

I’m keeping my spirits up. They are a little down but I’m looking at it as being only temporary. I’ll probably get back on trail on Friday or so but if I were to be stuck anywhere, I’m glad it’s here. I’m looking forward to getting out but maybe hanging out in town will do me some good. There’s a very nice town here with an excellent trail community and I’m pretty grateful.

Once I obtain some more info and move along, i will let you know but until then, be well all.