Catching up

Good Morning, Yesterday for my birthday i decided to do nothing and sit back and relax. I was finally able to post and see the comments everyone has left. It’s amazing. Between the poems, well wishes, and just greetings I become filled with joy from the support everyone has given me. It feels wonderful and motivates me. Thank you so much.


I also have come across a couple of questions while reading the comments that I’d like to address. If I have missed one, please forgive me.


I saw a question regarding what I eat. I can’t say this is for all hikers but it’s close. Because we have to carry our food, we have to make sure they are light in weight but also filling. For breakfast, some cook up oatmeal and have their instant coffee. While breakfast is my favorite meal in the real world, on trail I like to get up and go. While I’m packing up my gear I usually enjoy a Clif Bar, which are high in calories, and then about an hour or two into my hike I’ll eat a granola bar or trail mix as a second breakfast.

For lunch, it’s usually a bit of peanut butter or a tuna packet with crackers. Lately it’s been a tortilla with peanut butter. I know it’s odd but we have to get in calories anyway we can. The tortillas help us get in another 200 calories or so and with burning 4000-6000 a day, we need it.

Dinner is my favorite meal on trail. It gives me an opportunity to get a little creative. Dinner usually consists of one or two Ramen noodle packets with some seasoning. Sometimes I’ll add it in a tuna or spam packet for some protein. Also, I’ll sprinkle in some instant mash potatoes to thicken it up. Other dinner foods include Knorr side dishes which are pretty flavorful but a tad heavier than Ramen, instant mash potatoes, and anything else we can boil up in a few minutes. We have to save our gas for our stoves also.


Another question was about wildlife I’ve come across. For me I’ve only come across a wild turkey. Of course some of the usual wildlife like birds and squirrels and such. Down here there are brown and gray squirrels. Those brown ones are fast. I have heard some other hikers come across bears and such but we have to stay away of course and be careful. We never know what’ll be around the next bend. Ah, I do remember coming a cross a small bunch of deer which was very pretty to watch. I think now that it’s warmer there will be more wildlife out there.


Well I have to get back on trail in a bit. I have a couple of big mile days coming up to get into Damascus, VA so look out for that. There’s a big trail festival I’d like to make there which should be fun.


Happy Trails