The adventure continues

Well it’s been a while since my last post but I apologize if this one becomes short.


Things have been going decent. I’m hiking the good hike slowly but getting there. I took a day off yesterday to dry out my gear, clean myself up and resupply and it’s all good. We’ve had a bunch of rain the last few days so it’s nice to dry my things out and get a good rest. I’m ready-ish to get back on trail.

As some may know I took some personal time off for a few days and when getting back on trail things weren’t the same. I didn’t have the same mentality but it appears things are on the up swing. The first few days were really rough and now two weeks back things seem to be getting better. I’m fighting some mental monsters these days but with some great conversations with friends and family, it sure does help and I’m feeling better.


Before I forget I want to thank all the classes for their letters. I loved all of the questions and reading all of them pumped me up quite a bit. I am sending a response to Mrs. Tuluca’s class via mail but there a set of about 15 on plain lined paper of which I don’t know whose class to respond to. Can someone help me find that out? I’d like to respond to those too as I am sending them directly to the school.


Over all though, things are ok. Like I said, getting better. There’s been some good hiking with not many views but from what I hear from other supporting hikers there’s some good stuff coming up. The best thing since my last post going through the Grayson Highlands in VA where there are wild ponies, cattle and cows. It was an excellent experience. The animals ¬†are so friendly and content with hikers. The ponies especially were cool. We took a small side trail that seemed like it would be a great view but instead lead into a pasture. We saw about 100 yards away about 15 ponies and foals(baby ponies)! We hung out there for a bit and after a while one of the momma ponies slowly approached us with her foal a bit behind her. She eventually made it to us and we were instantly in awe. She let us pet her and licked our sweaty arms and legs of the salts. It was a very interest feeling but a intimate moment with nature and animals. What we planned to be a big day turned into just a few miles. It was well worth it.


Currently, I’m in Bland, VA about to get back on trail after I finish up my lunch. The weather is supposed to be good for the next few days and that’ll be good for the spirits but not well for the body odor. It’ll warrant a nice shower after a few days. I’m looking to get back on trail and hopefully toward a better mental state of mind. There’s some nice milestones coming up I’m looking forward to so that helps as well. The crew I was hiking with for a while is a bit up trail but there are others not far up trail which I will try to catch up to. Hopefully I can put in some good miles over the next few days. We’ll see. I try to post again soon to keep y’all updated.


Happy Trails