Hike on, folks

  1. Why hello! It’s been a while, eh? Well if you’ve heard that I was back in trail, it’s a true story. I’ve been back on trail for a few weeks now but service, WiFi,  timing are scarce. This may be a short post but it’ll get things going

Heres the details.

Im going South hiking to Harper’s Ferry, WV, where I had last left off. It took a while to finally get back on trail but after my car was hit from a hit and run, a job opportunity I did not get, and a few other things, I made a cut decision to do it. It was a good hit on my budget but if I’m frugal I can surely make it work. I have to avoid what happened last time


I summitted Mt. Katahdin on August 28 or so and currently in Caratunk, ME at the Sterling Inn Bed and Breakfast. A wonderful, charming place honestly. So far I’ve conquered Mt. Katahdin, the 100 mile wilderness, and a few other good climbs. I will say though, it’s a much tougher than the Southern start. It’s a bit of a crash course so hopefully my legs and stamina will come soon.

I’m hoping to be done with this trip before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately my gear isn’t what it used to be and it looks like I may have to brunt the costs for some new things so I can hold up. Southern Maine is tough and the White Mountains are no joke but afterwards it should be some smooth hiking all the way up until Pennsylvania, which hikers call the hardest and worst state because of the rocks. I can only hope I can get thorough these tougher parts sooner than later to avoid the severe weather in the higher elevations such as the Whites. The fall colors are already showing here in Maine but it’s a sign of whats to come. Winter.

It’s been great so far. I’ve met a ton of awesome hikers in each direction and it’s helpful to share info on the directions we’re coming from. Such as places to stay or check out to terrain conditions. Like I say, it’s the people that really make the hiking community what it is. I’m lucky enough to be able to do this  twice and I need to be sure to take it all in. Some people dream of doing this and I get to do it again. I’m lucky.

I have to get back on trail so I’ll leave it with that. It was nice to finally get this post in.


Happy Trails!